Marwan Shipping is currently in the business of building & long term chartering of offshore and other types of vessels.

Our fleet includes crewboats, anchor handling tugs, landing crafts, MPPs, container vessels and general cargo vessels.


Welcome to MARWAN

Marwan Shipping

Marwan Shipping & Trading Co LLC operating under the laws of UAE, was formed in the year 1987. Initially the Company started with a vessel of 1200 DWT and the fleet increased. Marwan Shipping has a rich experience in the ship owning, managing, new building and demolition business. Over the period, the company’s financial status and creditability has grown tremendously.

The company has owned and managed many types of vessels such as: General Cargo / Bulk Carrier, MPP, Container Vessels,RoRoPAX, Tankers, Landing Crafts, Crew Boats, HSCs, AHTs and DPS2 etc.

Year 2000 onwards, the Company is very actively involved in the business of new building vessels. So far we built various types of vessels, such as Container vessels, Tankers, Landing Crafts of different sizes, Utility Crew Boats, Aluminium Crewboats (HSC), Anchor Handling Tugs, DPS2, OSVs etc under IACS.

Having established as one of the leading shipping company in the UAE, Marwan Shipping & Trading Co LLC is looking forward with confidence to take up a larger share in this ever growing industry from our vast experience, along with the asset of highly qualified and experienced staff.